Philosophy / Goals

OpenTech uses and propagates free/libre open-source software, not due to
potential cost savings, but due to a technical superiority.

We at OpenTech are convinced that this technical superiority can be used to
build safe industrial applications that fulfill the high standards of modern
industrial applications.

The Goal of every OpenTech project is to transfer the OpenTech knowledge to the
customer to assure control over long-term maintainability to the customer and
thus mitigate a vendor lock-in.
Therefore we offer customers to schedule workshops and trainings were the
customers engineers are not only handed a resulting piece of work but also the
tools to achieve the result on their own.

OpenTech has many years of experience in managing and mitigating the risks of
using open-source software. Helping you to gain this experience yourself will
help your company to estimate and mitigate those risks -- be they related to
licensing, technical or management issues.

OpenTech strives to know as many open-source tools as possible this not only
gives us the possibility to select the best tool for the job, but if exact
match is available adapt an existing tool or design a new one.